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Predictive maintenance and precision maintenance. What is?

Predictive maintenance (yellow area on the diagram) is performed using sensors to understand the state of wear level of electromechanical equipment, while precision maintenance (green area on the diagram) involves acting to eliminate the causes of failures.

For example, it is worth running precision lubrication (7 on the diagram) on bearings (using ultrasound or vibration analysis) to avoid over-lubrication which will also soon damage the bearings.

D-I-P-F Curve

Integrated systems. What are they;

We offer selection and supply of appropriate equipment for fixed assets that you will choose for supervision. We conduct staff training at your facility and we organize an annual, four-day LEVEL I certified training on ultrasounds. In addition, we provide measurement - diagnostic services as well as restorations if you wish.

What sensors / technologies do you apply?

What diagnostic benefits can I get?

The areas of application covered are summarized:

Is diagnostic maintenance involved in energy saving and hygiene and safety issues?

Compressed air leaks cause significant cost savings. Also, hazardous / harming to the atmosphere gases and electrical malfunctions have a significant impact on hygiene, safety and environmental footprint. Mechanical and thermodynamic malfunctions are key factors in operating costs increase by reducing equipment availability. If we can diagnose early and correct malfunctions, we will increase profitability.

Is there anything more in your approach than we know to date?

We have implemented an unprecedented experience of merging all the above available technologies into one platform and operating system.

Are you trading or producing (or both)?

Sensors and measuring devices

We supply and support sensors and measuring devices of branded manufacturers.


Data acquisition devices

We manufacture an extremely simple and user-friendly (and from low-skilled staff) portable data acquisition device. We use smartphone as a Human Machine Interface to guide the user, including photos and instructions for performing measurements / inspections.We can also incorporate a low-cost branded thermal camera into it. Measurements / visual inspections can also be performed without the existence of a wireless network. Once the device is connected to the network, all data uploads to the cloud.

Weardc image 1
Weardc image 2
Weardc image 3
Weardc image 4

We also carry out “key turn” full permanent installations.

Weardc image 1
Weardc image 2

We have measuring devices (vibration pen, low-end ultrasound devices, tachometer, thermometers etc.) with optical output, we write data on paper and pass it in a spreadsheet. What can we do?

Use the devices you have. In conjunction with our proposed approach (instructions will be included on how to perform the measurements) in order to insert the measurements where they are performed. Once the smartphone is on a wireless network, all measurements are automatically available for monitoring on the platform.

We have invested in branded analysis equipment (vibration analyzer, hi-end ultrasound device, thermal camera etc.). What is the point in moving forward with the proposed approach?

The proposed approach has been developed based on trends that appear to dominate in the coming years, it is based on simplicity, speed, ease of use and integration of many diagnostic technologies into a single operating environment. You can set up a diagnostic maintenance plan as described above and use the equipment you already have for troubleshooting or even repairing difficult cases.

What opportunities are there for cooperating?

What about network / data security?

We are interested in the security of your network. Regarding the portable systems, the smartphone used for the measurements and their synchronization are not personal. They are part of the system. Those devices are from branded manufacturers, with the latest security updates and contains only our own software or affiliate tested software. This ensures that the device does not pose a risk to the rest of the network. Similar protocols are followed with our permanently installed systems. Their operating system contains the latest security updates and communicates only with our or your partner server (CMMS, ERP) when required. Upon request we can install a wireless network for application-only use or even implement a GSM solution.

Practically how can we see the application of the possibilities provided?

We visit you and show you all the possibilities in your equipment. Alternatively, we have designed a demonstration room in our facilities which includes a series of fixed assets (pumps, fans, compressors, electrical equipment, pneumatic system, steam boiler / steam traps) to enable realistic evaluation.