Take advantage of the technologies of tomorrow to diagnose and monitor of your electromechanical equipment.

With permanently installed multi-sensor systems MAINTNODE® you can have complete supervision of your equipment. With a click you have on your computer detailed reports and charts for the state and real-time operation of your electromechanical equipment.

Exceptional possibilities are offered:

  • Plan/review measurements on the device
  • View alarms and export reports
  • Store data, sounds and images
  • View historical data
  • Use it in ALL of your plant applications

Use MAINTNODE® in order to:

  • Acquire structured operating data from your plant and machinery, using commercial off-the-shelf sensors
  • Implement COMBINED preventive maintenance technologies (vibration analysis, ultrasounds, electric measurements, thermodynamic diesel engine analysis)
  • Manage energy inspections
  • Organize / label your assets using international standards
  • Use the data on site or transfer it remotely for further processing
  • Integrate directly with computer maintenance management systems (CMMS)
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