We listened to the needs of people who operate and maintain machinery, asking for simple devices, ease of data entry and continuous flow of instructions. Taking all these into consideration, our engineers worked to meet people’s needs.

WEARDC® is an innovative diagnostic and monitoring system for electromechanical facilities, using multiple sensors.

Exceptional possibilities are offered:

  • Ease of use
  • Bidirectional data transfer
  • Continuous integration of new capabilities
  • Easy replacement in case of a failure or loss
  • Flexible editing of measurements

Compatible subsystems:

  • Standard IEPE (IEEE 1451.4) industrial accelerometers
  • Ultraprobes®/UE Systems Inc. ultrasound equipment
  • Sensors 0-10V (revolution speed, static and dynamic pressure temperature, infrared radiation, humidity, voltage/current, force, torque, strain)

Use WEARDC® in order to:

  • Acquire structured operating data from your plant and machinery, using commercial off-the-shelf sensors
  • Implement combined preventive maintenance technologies (vibration analysis, ultrasounds, electric measurements, thermodynamic diesel engine analysis)
  • Manage energy inspections
  • Organize/label your assets, using international standards
  • Use the data on site or transfer it remotely for further processing
  • Integrate directly with computer maintenance management systems (CMMS)
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