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11th Certified Predictive Maintenance Ultrasound Training Course in Greece →


Maintenance changes. Collect all the information in one place, review them with one look and take action.


It all begins in the factory floor

Data from WearDC and Maintnode systems are automatically routed to Mechbase. The information is analysed and is available at once.


From the production to the CMMS

We want your staff to use the tools they are most familiar with. Measurements from our systems synchronize with your CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). That way when a measurement surpasses the desired limits a work order for a check is generated.

Measure equipment usage and performance

Study the equipment behavior and extract operating hours. With graphs that help you understand, you have the opportunity to do the changes needed.


Additionaly improve your production line ΟΕΕ (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with our Evocon integration.

Act on information

Automatically create non-conformity reports for the equipment. You have all the information at hand to make the important decisions.

Επιθεωρήσεις Mechbase

Study events up close

Use Mechbase as a looking glass. See exactly what happened before and after an alarm.


Measurement analysis

Proccess vibration, ultrasound, current, voltage, pressure measurements and apply advanced fault detection techniques.


Mechbase has transformed maintenance.

Power companies, factories, oil & gas miners, maritime agencies, facility management teams, non-profit organizations benefit from Maintnode for better observation of their equipment.



In a diagnostic maintenance program the execution of measurements was always a difficult and timely procedure. No more. WearDC, is the diagnostic maintenance system that can be used by anyone.

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A permanently installed system for the most demanding tasks. Multiple sensor measurements and data from the production systems provide a complete view for the condition of the equipment.

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