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Useful Applications for Preventive Maintenance

1. Align Terms

Align Terms is a reference app for machine shaft alignment. Features: Searchable shaft alignment glossary of over 90 terms Shaft tolerance tables for different RPM for angular and offset misalignment - both Metric and Imperial units Prealignment procedures and guidelines Access to training and informative videos for shaft and machine alignment

2. Dials

Fixturlaser Dials This is a standalone app for performing shaft alignment, using indicator dials, on typical applications such as a motor and a pump. The app guides the user through the complete measurement and alignment process simplifying otherwise cumbersome tasks such as calculations and determination of directions and amount to move the machine to achieve a perfect alignment. With this release users who have purchased the Fixturlaser Dial Kit can forget about bar sag compensation altogether - the app compensates automatically for the correct amount of bar sag.

Key Features Intuitive user interface, all symbols and graphics – no text Work with either metric or imperial dimensions (mm or inch) Works according to the reversed rim method Compensation for bar sag calculation is built into the app Automatic bar sag compensation for users with the Fixturlaser Dial Kit VertiZontal™ -adjust the machine both vertically and horizontally without re-measuring *Saves the measurement result to your camera roll

Visit the website for more information on alignment in general and support on the app.

3. Laser-Dials

Laser-Dials is an app used to convert shaft alignment measurements between rim and face dial indicator readings and laser system angles and offsets.

4. Therm Alig

The Therm Align app helps those performing shaft alignments calculate the value of compensations for thermal growth (also known as dynamic movement) of rotating equipment.

As the temperature of machinery changes, the components shrink or grow causing frames, casings and centerlines of the shafts to move. In the most common situation, as machinery heats up, the centerline moves up in the vertical plane. Accounting for this thermal growth is important to the shaft alignment process.

Alignment corrections made at ambient conditions should account for any anticipated movement. During correction the equipment will be intentionally offset so it will grow back into proper alignment.

Therm Align will calculate the thermal offsets needed to compensate for this thermal movement. Movement of both the stationary and movable components is taken into account to determine the proper compensating “target values” needed on the movable piece of equipment.

5. Analog Input Scan Demo

The Analog Input Scan app demonstrates the use of the Universal Library for Android™ API to acquire analog data from a Measurement Computing (MCC) data acquisition device (USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet).

This app scans the selected A/D input channels continuously and plots the most recently acquired data.

Supported MCC DAQ devices: Visit www.mccdaq.com/ulforandroid

If you’re interested in the source code for this app or in creating your own customized measurement app for Measurement Computing DAQ devices using the Universal Library for Android, please visit www.mccdaq.com/ulforandroid

6. Mobius iVibe Vibration Helper

Every vibration analyst needs Mobius iVibe. It is like an interactive wall chart on your Android device.

You can search for diagnostic information based on component type (motors, bearings, etc.), symptoms (harmonics, sidebands, etc.), and fault conditions (unbalance, misalignment, etc.).

It is extremely easy to use and you can use it to diagnose faults. Once you drill down through the menus you can flick the spectra up and down to see similar spectra, or flick them left and right to reveal additional information and tests that will help you determine the nature of the fault.

The product comes in different resolutions based on the capability of your device.

Seriously, if you are a vibration analyst or have any interest in vibration analysis you need this product.

7. Strobily - strobe light

Strobily is the most accurate strobe light app on Android and it has a new feature: it can flash to the beat of music!

Features include:

8. Barcode Scanner

Scan barcodes on products, or Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc.

9. LeakSurvey

This app lets the user create a compressed air leak survey report. Once leaks are identified and information is entered, the data can be used to generate a comprehensive excel report that include estimated CFM loss, up-to-date cost avoidance, leak location photos (taken with your smartphone or tablet ), and greenhouse gas reductions. Survey quality assurance is optimized by identifying leaks that have been repaired and leaks that have not been repaired. Also works with specialty gases like Argon, Helium etc. This app works with all digital Ultraprobes from UE Systems, Inc.

10. NTN Ball and Roller Bearings

This application is dimensions detail for NTN ball and roller bearings. It has many bearings type, you can find bearing what you want to know about dimension, bearing number, bearing name, bearing load, speed and weight.

NTN Corporation is one of the most prominent manufacturers of bearings in Japan. The company is one of the largest exporters worldwide of friction-reducing products such as constant-velocity joints.

11. SKF Bearing Calculator

Perform calculations and searches for SKF bearing products wherever you are.

The SKF Bearing Calculator makes it easy to perform complex bearing calculations. With this app you can calculate rated bearing and grease life or search for other information like bearing frequencies or shaft and housing fits. The program, which delivers the information straight to your smart phone or tablet, is fast, simple and easy to use.

The product search function has an intuitive user interface that makes searching by designation or key product parameters faster than ever before. Whether you’re walking down the shop floor, riding in a train or an elevator, you’ll wonder how you ever got things done without this incredible mobile app!

12. Bat Recorder

This app works in conjunction with a separately purchased USB ultrasonic microphone to record and analyze ultrasonic bat echolocation calls (and thus can be used as a bat detector), as well as other high frequency bioacoustic signals from cetaceans, insects, and other animals. It can also be used to record audible signals such as bird songs using a non-ultrasonic USB microphone.

13. NSK Bearing Doctor

seize or malfunction. Since bearings that fail prematurely or unexpectedly cause trouble, it is important to be able to identify and predict failure beforehand, if possible, so that preventive measures can be adopted.

You can find the information about correct bearing handling, mounting, lubrication, and maintenance to prevent premature failure together with color photos of bearing failures.

Contents Bearing Damages by images Flaking, Peeling, Scoring, Smearing, Fracture, Cracks, Cage Damage, Denting, Pitting, Wear, Fretting, False Brinelling, Creep, Seizure, Electrical Corrosion, Rust and Corrosion, Mounting Flaws, Discoloration

14. Steam Tools Mobile App

Spirax Sarco Steam Tools app is now available for Android devices, providing access to key calculations in the palm of your hand. Simple to use, the app enables quick and easy access to both our Steam Table and Saturated Steam Pipe Sizing tools without the need for an internet connection, making it perfect for steam engineers on the go. Also within the app are links to our world leading steam engineering tutorials, comprehensive product literature catalogue, international website and YouTube channel.


15. Lowest Common Multiple

Lowest Common Multiple will take an UNLIMITED amount of numbers for input and calculate the LCM of those numbers!