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Fire Protection

Complete solutions of design and installation of fire protection systems


Our company offers complete solutions of top quality throughout the country.

It also specializes in research, design, supply, installation, maintenance and computerization of fire protection systems and items for more than 20 years.

Installation & mainentance of complete fire systems

We have more than 20 years of experience in permanent water supply firefighting networks (Τ.Ο.Τ.Ε.Ε. 2451/1986), sprinklers (EN 12845), dust systems (EN 12416), foam systems (EN 13565), carbon dioxide solutions (NFPA 12), concentrated aerosol (ISO 15779 or / and CEN/TR 15276), local application (ΕΝ 2)

We also offer installation of fire detection systems (EN 54) addressable and analog.

permanent water supply firefighting networks fire detection system

Studies and certification

We perform complete studies for active and passive fire protection systems construction, we apply directives and standards at the national, municipal level or in accordance to other countrie's law and inspect installations in order to assess their efficiency.

We can write manuals and technical issues and also certify your installation from start to finish collaborating with independent organizations.

Finally we can organize realistic training for the firefighting staff for the best possible reaction.


Fire protection network analysis

We use tools and techniques from recognised organizationsin in order to simulate the hydraulic behaviour in firefighting networks that consist of tubes, nodes, pumps, valves and storage tanks in extended operation. We are given the capability to monitor the flow of water in every pipe, the pressure in every node and the height of the water in every tank in the network for the duration of the simulation.

Analysis of fire protection networks

Fire and smoke spread simulation

We have know-how in the simulation and visualization of fire events. We simulate the space and assess the installed systems in realistic conditions.

We study material installation techniques and "smart use" of the air ventilation systems in order to limit damage.

This proccess can be aplied in the analysis of production heat transfer proccesses.

Fire and smoke spread simulation