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Company Profile

ARPEDON PC was founded in 2001 with the purpose of manufacturing high-tech products while at the same time advancing in the Electromechanical Installations sector in the Industrial and Public infrastructures.

ARPEDON PC has long-term experience in engineering projects, holding an A2 class contractor’s certificate and specializes in construction activities around electromechanical installations such as streetlight, firefighting systems, buildings, automation, etc. as well as installation of equipment condition monitoring systems.

ARPEDON PC is a leading player in equipment condition monitoring systems projects with own products that are developed and manufactured in the country contributing to the advancement of the technology sector. At the same time through strategic partnerships distributes and installs systems of highly respected manufacturers offering complete solutions.

ARPEDON PC takes part in research efforts and develops technological solutions and products for civil protection and defense.

ARPEDON PC is constantly growing possessing advantages such as financial strength, high technical know-how, executives with long experience and knowledge as well as high number of certifications.