DATARUNNER® was developed to help you store and trend your equipment status.

See your full company structure, organise your assets according to widely used standards, and produce reports.


Measurements from our WEARDC® and MAINTNODE® systems are automatically stored on the DataRunner software.

Using a modern but familiar user interface the user can have an overview of the plant or the company. The status of the plant is clearly visible and a report with expert advice can be easily generated.

The software is designed around Role Based Acces Control – RBAC so the different layers of the organisation can be managed by the appropriate people.

A key feature of DataRunner is the support for high sample rate measurements that can be downloaded with ease to get analysed by expert professionals.


We built DATARUNNER® using modern and reliable technologies that are secure and flexible. We use a powerful SQL database that is capable of storing and acting upon countless measurements with ease.

The software supports RESTful communication to interact with other systems and share information with Computerised Maintenance Management System – CMMS sotware.