• Electrical installations in accordance with HD 384.
  • Industrial ventilation, dust suppression systems installations.
    • Installation of industrial ventilation and dust suppression using axial / centrifugal fans and extended filter series.
    • Design – Construction.
    • Calculation of solid and air pollutants concentration.

CO detection – extinguishing and dust suppression systems installations

  • Design and construction.
  • Ability to enforce European standards or other region’s regulations.
  • Installation inspection / assessment of efficiency.
  • Water fogging – deodorisation systems.
    • Complete Water Fogging – Deodorisation systems for moisture control, deodorisation and dust precipitation consisting of :
      • Solid water filters.
      • Water softening.
      • Sterilisation and disinfection of the spraying water using UVC light.
      • Refining dosing station / dosing pump with disinfectant or soluble fragrances for deodorising.
      • Remote control.
      • Automated operation.
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