MAINTNODE installation & CMMS integration for HERRCO

Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation trusts ARPEDON’s MAINTNODE permanent systems as a part of a complete preventive maintenance program for 9 recycling plants. Permanent condition monitoring sensors where installed (ultrasound and acceleration) for the real time bearing supervision of the main production assets.

Data collection main unit

Data collection sub-unit with permanent ultrasonic sensors

Moreover, the MAINTNODE system was configured for tracking the operation time of each asset independently. Hence, the ability is given for real time knowledge on the production performance as well as on the equipment structural status, via one system only.

Real time diagram of the shut down and restart operation times of the engine

Real time sensor diagram

The data are being collected in DATARUNNER, ARPEDON’S online cloud platform. In this platform, the installation data for each asset is presented, with analytical diagrams of the sum of measurements.  Also, alarms were set for each asset separately via the DATARUNNER platform.

Finally, there was an integration of ARPEDON’S systems with HERRCO’s maintenance software (CMMS).

That way, the maintenance staff workflow will not change as they will be using the tools they are used to (CMMS). It will be more informative though as they will receive additional information about the real condition of the equipment (productivity indicator-KPI’S and strain level of the machine parts).

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