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Announcing Evocon integration

We are proud to announce compatibility with the excelent Evocon OEE software.


Evocon is a visual and user-friendly OEE software that automates the data collection from machines and provides real-time information about production performance.


Using EVOCON with our Maintnode permanently installed system enables you to:

  • Track production downtime.
  • Track minor stops or speed loss in production.
  • Compare machine performance with other sensor inputs.

These are some of the benefits that our clients harness from the integration with EVOCON’s software:

  • Implement Evocon as a hardware-free solution by using equipment already in place.
  • Implement preventive maintenance procedures.
  • Correlate OEE with machine health.
  • Increase the technical availability of machines.

If you are interested on decreasing downtime due to unplanned maintenance activities and increasing your equipment availability and OEE contact us to offer you our help.

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